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Successful e-marketing solutions require

Motivation  |  Experience  |  Expertise  |  Appraisal

Logical Events has been successfully exploiting the electronic medium for over 20 years. By understanding what works, we act as an “e-marketing champion”, providing clients with the additional motivation, resource and experience to achieve success.

We understand the marketing and technical interrelationships between the web, email, social media and digital advertising. We work with our clients to deliver cost-effective  e-marketing strategies developing successful solutions based on each unique set of requirements.

We do this by exploiting the latest communications technologies, supported by thorough evaluation and appraisal of campaigns using the latest analytics software.

Every organisation can have a successful electronic marketing strategy, most have web sites and the communications infrastructure in place, yet surprisingly few exploit their full potential.

Successful Scenarios

Logical Events works with a diverse range of organisations, active in local, national and international markets. In partnership with our clients – we define, manage and continue to develop successful electronic marketing and brand building strategies. Below are just two brief scenarios of the many projects we have been running for the past 20 years …

Logical Events Emarketing Solutions

Electronic International B-2-C Sales and Marketing

The Brief / Requirement

Establish market-leading brand with electronic sales and marketing channels for international retailer.

Our solution

  • Establish web presence including online brochure and electronic sales catalogue
  • Build brand awareness, create opt-in product-focused online community, electronic customer relationship management
  • Increase sales by exploiting the brand’s number one postion in the electronic marketplace through search engine marketing, digital advertising (Google AdWords / Google Shopping), and web optimisation
  • Convert prospects into online sales through digital direct mail – monthly email marketing campaigns
  • Generate additional advertising and referral income (Google AdSense) by exploiting pre-eminent web presence (defined by search position and web site traffic volume)
Logical Events Digital Advertising Solutions

Electronic Sales and Promotion for Local Business

The Brief / Requirement

Create a recognisable brand, foster brand loyalty and generate local and online sales for a London-based business.

Our solution

  • Establish a useful and fun web site to act as the pricipal point of contact
  • Build and develop brand awareness, create a local online community throught an opt-in information service – electronic customer relationship management
  • Maximise online visibility and service branding through search engine and web site optimisation and search engine marketing
  • Establish new, and develop existing customer relationships through digital direct mail: using monthly email marketing campaigns and micro-websites as customer promotions