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Our people

Managing Director, David Hitchcock’s extensive experience of commercial electronic publishing and e-marketing stems from an expert understanding of the technologies and techniques on which web-based solutions and e-marketing are based. His passion remains leveraging the web to establish customer communities, building brands and concepts electronically.

David Hitchcock Managing Director Logical Events Ltd LondonDavid has been involved in the development and exploitation of the web since its foundation.

David Hitchcock, a trained editor, has over 30 years of experience in scientific communication, particularly in the area of ICT. His entrepreneurial spirit has benefitted a number of commercial roles which focus on identifying important research based innovations in the ICT field, often based on the latest standards, and their successful introduction into the commercial field. This transfer of knowledge, based on commercially viable “information products” (publications, websites, seminars, conferences, exhibitions) requires an intricate appreciation of the end-user requirements of such emerging technologies, their potential for implementation with regard to public policy, and ultimately their likely commercial and societal impact following implementation. Whilst a detailed understanding of the transfer of emerging technologies is required in order to develop successful “information products”, the identification and exploitation of suitable marketplaces is equally critical for commercial success. As a consequence, David has a longstanding and highly developed understanding, and practical experience of, the marketing, communications and public relations activities required to successfully address this commercial imperative.

David was a member of the Executive Committee of the WWW Consortium’s (W3C) Annual International Conferences with executive responsibility for marketing see: www.iw3c2.org/members/past_members_html

David’s other great passion is rugby: he is active as an RFU-qualified coach and is a Vice President of Rosslyn Park FC. David has a BSc. (Hons) in Zoology from the University of London (Kings College). His email address is dajh at logicalevents dot co dot uk. Or connect via LinkedIn.

Research Programme Support

David acts as technology expert in the technical evaluation of national and international research proposals, providing evaluation administration services and conducting reviews of funded and on-going technology research projects both in the UK and Europe.

Logical Events and Interactive Electronic Publishing

Logical Events provided a range of coordination and support actions (support, coordination, concertation and accompanying measures) to the European Commission’s 5th Framework Programme (FP5), 4th Framework Programme (FP4), Telematics Application Programme (TAP). Our coordination and support activities provided effective dialogue between the science and technology communities and policy makers. In addition we supported the information dissemination activities of projects within each sector to aid in the commercial exploitation and take-up of project results.

Our projects addressed cross cutting issues through the dissemination of project results based on a range of communications activities. The coordination and support actions included: design, organisation and promotion of sector wide meetings, workshops and conferences; research, authoring and publishing of factsheets, reports, and brochures; online and electronic communications, dissemination and promotion activities using the state-of the art electronic communication available at that time.

Central to these was a website and weekly e-zine: Elpub. David Hitchcock was the webmaster and editor of Elpub for over seven years. Elpub was a portal fostering creativity and information sharing amongst researchers, developers and practitioners (in both academe and industry) in the creative, content technologies, information management and ICT sectors through sharing information on the latest research and innovations. See the site archive at: http://www.elpub.org.